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Eric Irivuzumugabe, Peace Village Center in Rwanda

Eric 's organization is doing incredible things in Rwanda to help genocide survivors heal and grow. Now his Peace Village will be a place to expand his services to many others, even from other countries.

About Eric

In 1994, 16-year-old Eric Irivuzumugabe climbed a cypress tree and remained there for 15 days without food or water. He wasn't trying to win a bet with his friends--he was attempting to save his life. Eric is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of 1 million people in just 100 days. In the midst of indescribable loss, and without a job, a home, or an education, Eric was determined to start a new life for himself and his two surviving brothers. My Father, Maker of the Trees is the story not only of his physical survival, it is the story of his spiritual rebirth and the role he is playing in the healing and redemption of his land and people. His incredible account will show readers the reality of evil in the world as well as the power of hope.
(Excerpt from his book: My Father, Maker of the Trees: How I Survived the Rwandan Genocide)

Eric is the author of “My Father Maker of The trees- How I survived The Rwandan Genocide”. The aim of writing his book was to honor his beloved family that was killed in 1994 genocide and also to share his story of how he survived so as to keep memories for the future generations. From 2009 up till today, Eric travels around the world sharing his story in USA, Europe and Africa. He realized how people were being blessed and inspired by his book, living in peace with their neighbors, advocating for peace worldwide and how it also helped people to know the reality of what happened in 1994.

Humura Ministries - Rwanda

In 2005, Eric founded Humura ministries, a non profit organization based in Rwanda.
The 1994 Genocide caused many orphans and some of them decided to raise-up and give support to others by founding a ministry to help orphans, widows as well as vulnerable people in general. He felt concerned and opened his heart to many other children that survived, who were facing the same situation like him. As young as he was, he was already parenting his siblings and so did other children that survived. With that in mind he founded Humura Ministries, in order to help and reach many children and youth in Rwanda and very soon the rest of the world.


  • To fight against trauma as a result of genocide through listening, talking and organizing trauma healing and transformation trainings
  • To support unity and reconciliation among the youth. Through talking about what really happened, the history of Genocide and it’s outcome to the nation.
  • To fight drugs and unemployment among the youth through entrepreneurship training and making presentations on the outcome of using drugs to the Rwandan community.
  • To help the youth to get involved in the development of the Country.


  • We help orphans and widows to live in better conditions by providing their needs.
  • We train the youth about how to manage trauma as a result of Genocide and other traumatic experiences.
  • We provide entrepreneurship training and coaching to different people, especially the youth to be independent financially.
  • We fight drug abuse among the youth through conferences and seminars so that they can take responsibility to change their lives in a positive way.
  • We promote sustainable peace though peace education among the youth so that Genocide will never happen again.
  • We collect stories and testimonials through writing books and to share among the Rwandan society and worldwide to learn from our experience so that genocide will never happen again anywhere in the World.

Contact Info

Author Eric IRIVUZUMUGABE, President Found of - Humura Ministries International
E-mail: humura.ministries@gmail.com
Tel :(+250)788594418 Or +250 7852 00 608
For more information go to Eric's umbrella website: www.treasuresofrwanda.com


Eric's umbrella website: www.treasuresofrwanda.com